Security Measures

One of the benefits of private jet rental is privacy and security. Even though the process when flying charter differs from commercial flights at an airport, you can be rest assured knowing that your security is taken seriously, and your privacy is protected.

Every part of your private charter experience from commuting to the airport, entering your private jet, and arriving at your destination will have unparalleled security measures to protect you and your fellow passengers. Our security measures and procedures extend beyond industry standards to ensure your protection.

We take your security seriously when flying with Private Jet Charter Houston. We want you to feel safe, secure and comfortable whether you’re flying alone, with a group of your company executives, and even with friends and family. For your information, here is the information you need to know about the security process when flying with us.

Regional Airport Privacy

When flying with us, you don’t have to worry about your privacy being exposed. Since our private jet charters are primarily through regional airports throughout Houston, Texas, you won’t have to go through crowds of people or have your privacy invaded unnecessarily. There are many advantages of this. You get to save time, you don’t have to deal with the hassles of airport staff constantly barraging you with requirements. And you certainly won’t have to fight crowds of people just to get to your flight. Flying private jet charter is a much more pleasing experience.

Arriving at the Airport

We’ve thought about your safety, security and level of comfort when designing our service offerings. Our service allows you to travel from your commute directly to the private jet depending on the level of service you use. We can even help you arrange private and secure transportation from your home or office directly to your private jet. You can literally step into the vehicle bringing you to the airport, and step out right at the steps leading up to your private jet. Ask us for more details about this service.

Secure Airport Area

When you arrive at the airport in your vehicle, you will be taken to a secure lot area that is accessible only by private jet charter travelers and airport staff. This not only gives you security, but a higher level of comfort knowing your privacy won’t be jeopardized.

Check-In Process

Depending on the airport procedures, checking in can be as simple as verifying your identification. Since our flights are domestic throughout Houston and nearby destinations, you may be able to go from your home or office straight to your plane with an easy check-in process just to identify yourself and your belongings (see below).

When chartering a private flight, you don’t have to worry about long security lines, x-ray machines, security wands and random security checks. Our staff will have the right to inspect your baggage, but this is intended primarily for the general safety of the staff and passengers aboard your private aircraft.

Identification & Baggages

When you check into your flight, there will be a procedure to verify your identification and optionally check through your baggage's. Baggage security inspections is not mandated but is encouraged for passenger safety. After all, this is your private flight, but at the same time, this is to ensure the safety of everyone on board the private jet aircraft. Since our service is more tailored to your needs, you’ll be made aware of the process before your flight so that you can seamlessly go through this security procedure with comfort and ease. We want you to be secure when you fly and this is just one of the steps to make sure you are confident about in-flight security.


If you’re chartering a flight from Houston to a country outside of the US, you will have to go through that country’s respective customs process. The same applies if you are chartering a flight to Houston from a country outside of the US. You will go through US customs. Knowing about this process will allow you to become better prepared. When you book your flight with us, we will inform you about customs requirements depending on your trip. If your trip is domestic (within the US), you don’t have to worry as much about this procedure.

Domestic Flights

Most flights by Private Jet Charter Houston are domestic. Whether you’re flying from Houston to a nearby destination within the US, or flying from another city in the US to Houston, our security measures comply with the laws and regulations of the United States and how it applies to domestic air travel. Typically, travelling via private jet charter is similar to driving throughout the US in your car. Aside from security measures at regional airports where your flight is originating and going to, we also place proactive measures to ensure your personal safety, and the safety of our fleet and staff.

International Flights

Flying to a destination outside of the US is an exciting journey. But you must be made aware of the security implications that apply. We take the security of our clients, staff and aircraft very seriously no matter where in the world you travel. This means educating you and complying with international laws, rules and regulations covering safety and air travel. You can be confident in placing your trust with us if you ever require an international private jet charter out of Houston.

After Your Flight

Upon touchdown, our friendly staff will inform you of the procedures of exiting the aircraft and making sure you arrive at your destination ready for work or play. As part of our service offerings, we can arrange for transportation that will take you from the aircraft to where you need to be. There is no hassle, no long waits for baggage's (since they’re already on the same aircraft) and long lines going through the airport. You’ll feel safe knowing that you’ve made your journey securely and ready to get going to wherever you need to be.