Safety Standards

We understand and appreciate that safety standards are among the top priorities when chartering a plane from Houston. After all, you’re placing your life and the life of your fellow passengers in our hands. And we take that level of commitment and trust very seriously.

That is why we take a very serious approach when it comes to complying with safety standards. Our company prides itself in going beyond industry accepted safety measures and taking proactive steps to ensure that every aspect of our business, from our staff to our fleet of aircraft, and every detail when it comes to a private charter, puts your safety first and foremost.

Our Priority

Safety is our priority and is the utmost concern of our entire team. When we promote safety measures, we know that you’ll be confident stepping aboard one of our private jet charter flights. We will ensure you will make it to your destination safely and go above and beyond to make sure you are safe. We look at every single detail when it comes to ensuring the safety of our fleet, expanding the knowledge of our pilots, and promoting safety amongst our staff. When you take this into consideration, you’ll be confident knowing that a company that promotes safety with a higher standard and expectation is providing you with the service you need to get you where you’re going.

Pilot Experience

Our staff of pilots are highly skilled and experienced with full knowledge and in-flight hours related to their respective aircraft. Not only do we attract pilots with a full breadth of experience, they proactively take measures to keep on top of safety requirements and undergo continuous training and experience development to ensure they are always fully capable of employing flight safety standards.

Pilots undergo a comprehensive training regimen under the direct supervision of experienced captains. Together, they undergo recurrent training programs including flight simulations. Our pilots must pass a safety standards program held on a regular basis. They operate under strict compliance with FAA guidelines and strictly adhere to our standard operating procedures.

What does this mean to you? The comfort knowing that the pilot flying your private jet charter is highly experienced and knowledgeable, putting your safety first.

Meticulous and Stringent Maintenance

From taking extreme care of the maintenance of our aircraft, to following a documented, highly detailed and strict procedure of maintenance, you can be confident knowing that any of our aircraft you step into for your private jet charter flight in Houston is maintained to the highest standard. Every step of maintaining our fleet of aircraft is painstakingly handled by highly skilled technicians and aircraft mechanics who know the aircraft specifically and have accumulated hours of experience in maintaining that specific aircraft.

Our mechanics and technicians are federally licensed and qualified for the specific aircraft they oversee. Through a continuous process of learning, and interacting with manufacturers, our team is highly knowledgeable in maintaining aircraft for your safety.

We’re not satisfied with just meeting the standards of avionics safety. In fact, we raise the bar when it comes to complying with safety standards. We constantly pursue proactive measures to ensure our aircraft are safe on the ground and in the air so that you can enjoy your private charter flight.

Documented Processes

Our company uses highly detailed documented processes and checklists at every key stage of the charter flight process to ensure safety standards are met and exceeded. This includes compiling in-depth detailed reports on our operations, assessing the experience and performance of our pilots and staff, ensuring aircraft is certified and properly maintained at all times, conforming with FAA standards, rules and regulations, and cooperating with our associated fleets to ensure all aircraft are safe for your flight.

When flying private jet charter in Houston, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. And when you work with our company, you will see the high level of attention we place to ensuring you have a safe flight. Everything we do revolves around your utmost safety and security. We take our work very seriously and follow our processes to make sure that every detail is looked after.

Modern & Advanced Technology

Not only do we deploy the most modern aircraft, we use advanced technology to take care of our fleet and ensure your safety. Our fleet boasts advanced safety features to ensure a safe flight from point A to point B. Each of our aircraft is equipped with specific safety oriented tools and technology to assure you reach your destination safe and sound.

Our pilots are regularly trained with any updates in safety technology and operation of aircraft. Our rigorous safety and experience training of all pilots is done on a regular basis to make sure your pilot is always fully aware and educated on the safety tools and technology available on the aircraft you choose to charter.

Strict Compliance

Flying with a private jet charter company in Houston is a big step, and an important decision for you to make. How do you end up choosing the right company, and entrusting them with the safety of you and your passengers? When choosing a private jet charter company, make sure they promote a strict compliance with safety measures.

We don’t believe in taking shortcuts. We want you to reach your destination in an efficient time manner, but not at the expense of your safety. We strictly comply with FAA rules and regulations, and comply with the safety standards prescribed by the aviation industry and authorities. Even though this comes at an expense to our company, we believe in investing this cost as a means of ensuring your safety.

Communicate With Us

If you have any questions regarding the safety requirements or concerns of your passengers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a proven track record and full documentation to show our strict adherence to high safety standards. We’re happy to help you address any safety concerns and to give you the confidence you need to make the right choice when it comes to booking a private jet charter flight with us in or out of Houston.