Private Jet Charter vs. Commercial Airline

There are many aspects of air travel that make private jet charter for Houston more desirable than traditional commercial flights. To give you an idea of how private jet charter travel might give you a better return on investment, we’ve outlined some comparisons so you can see for yourself how private jet charter compares against traditional flights.

Airport Experience

Long lines at airport checkin

If you’ve ever traveled on a commercial airline (and chances are you have) you know how crazy the airport experience can get. Not only is commercial air travel very demanding, it tends to become stressful especially as you navigate through the airport, try to check in on time, make sure your luggage meets the weight criteria, race to your boarding line, wait in said boarding line, squeeze through narrow aisles and passengers just to find your seat, and wait to take off and finally arrive at your destination.

Undoubtedly, commercial air line operations are very busy, full of other people, have stringent processes in place that slow you down, and is overall a nerve wracking experience.

Compare that to the ease of traveling charter. You get access to smaller and more exclusive regional airports that may even be closer to your home. You get to be picked up by one of our transport vehicles or arrange your own ride straight to your private waiting area, ready to be boarded onto your private jet that awaits you.

You don’t have to frustratingly and agonizingly swim through a crowd of angry and irritated passengers. You don’t have to wait in line for security checks. You don’t pass through an x-ray and have a security wand waved all over you. And you certainly don’t get coerced to a random full body security check.

Travel Experience

Luxury interior of the Dassault Falcon 50 private jet

In a commercial flight, you’re surrounded by a sea of passengers all eagerly awaiting their next destination. People are chatting, babies are crying, and sometimes anxiousness of the length of travel brings up stressful moments.

When chartering a private jet, the experience is relaxed, laid back and enriching. Nothing beats flying in your own private jet, surrounded by only the people you know, and being in an environment that you can appreciate. You’ll be sitting in a plush, comfortable leather seat, with luxurious in-flight amenities that you couldn’t even begin to imagine having at your disposal on a commercial flight.


Yes, commercial airline flight staff can be friendly. But keep in mind, their attention isn’t only targeted at you. It’s meant for the hundreds of other passengers on board as well. When you have particular needs, such as specific travel requirements and even a preference for your in-flight catered meal, they simply can’t deliver at the same level as a private jet charter.

Luxury dinner with private jet catering

When you charter a private jet for your trip our staff caters to your every particular need. Have a specific in-flight meal in mind? Just let us know and we’ll have it catered specifically for your requirements. Any concerns? Tell us about it and we’ll make it right. We want your private jet charter travel experience to be a positive one, and our staff is committed to making sure you get what you want.


It’s nice to fly in a big commercial airliner, but how would you feel flying in your own, private charter, exclusive luxury jet where all the amenities of luxury air travel are at your disposal? When you fly a private jet charter you’ll have access to a selection of light jets and heavy jets — whatever your air travel needs require. You choose what kind of aircraft you want to fly, and what features you need on that charter flight.

Check out the video below to see the different types of private jets that are available:​


Commercial flights take a long time, even if the destination is a nearby city or state. Once you factor in the total amount of time you spend commuting to the airport, waiting in line, going through the check-in process, waiting for the airplane to leave, flying to your destination, arriving, and going through the whole process all over again, you’ll realize just how much time you can possibly save with a private jet charter.

Boarding a private jet directly on the tarmac

Chartering your own private jet gives you ultimate time flexibility. You get to leave when you need to, and the travel time is drastically cut down after you forego all the other hassles of commercial air travel. Time is on your side. If you’re a busy professional who needs to get somewhere fast, or if you are going on a getaway and need to get there sooner rather than later, a private jet charter should be your first choice.


Most people associate private jet charter with high costs and expensive rates. They see it as a form of travel only available to the ultra-rich and super-wealthy. While costs are definitely high, many travelers are forgetting one important element of air travel: return on investment.

When you pay for a private jet charter, you have to ultimately look at what your return on investment is. Will you get to your destination much faster than if you paid for a cheaper commercial flight? Can you become more productive in the privacy of your private jet, allowing you to get more work done? Will you feel relaxed and stress-free without the hassles and nuisances of commercial flights?

When you add all this up, you’ll realize that you have a much better return on investment when traveling via a private jet charter than through commercial air travel. You’ll get to where you’re going faster, you’ll be more relaxed, you’ll definitely get more done, and you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more.

What Would You Choose?

Before committing to buying your next commercial air travel flight ticket, consider the benefits and advantages of flying a private jet charter out of Houston. If you feel the return on investment is worthwhile, contact us for a private consultation for your next trip. We guarantee your satisfaction.