Empty Leg Flights

Believe it or not, private jet charters in and out of Houston don’t have to be costly nor expensive. There is a way to get into your own private jet without having to pay exorbitant amounts of money to experience private charter flights. Whether you want to fly for business or pleasure, Empty Leg Flights is one way to cut down on costs while still experience the luxury of private jet charters.

What It Is

Aircraft do not always start at the origin airport for every single flight. In fact, some aircraft might need to be re-positioned in order to meet the request of a client who has selected a particular type of aircraft for their private jet charter. In Houston alone, there are a multitude of aircraft as part of our fleet as well as our affiliate companies.

Whenever the need to reposition an aircraft happens, the aircraft typically flies empty with the exception of the pilots who are flying the plane. It leaves from its current airport to the airport that it is needed to be in. When this happens, an empty leg flight occurs.

How to Take Advantage

It’s becoming more common practice for some clients who are looking to save money on flights to book empty leg flights. Whenever they are in need of transportation, they may request to book a flight aboard an aircraft that needs to be re-positioned from one airport to another. If an empty leg flight happens to meet your criteria, and is originating from an airport near you, and headed to a destination you are planning to go, this presents a low cost way for you to enjoy private jet charter travel throughout Houston and nearby destinations.

One Way Flights

Private jets are typically empty when returning from a one way private jet charter flight. This becomes your opportunity to book a flight to the private jet’s destination. This one way flight works in your favour because the returning flight (where the aircraft needs to go back) becomes your destination flight. As long as it matches your criteria and gets you where you’re going, and as long as you’re flexible about the type of aircraft it is, you’ll save money and get to experience private jet charter travel.

How to Book an Empty Leg Flight

We constantly have an availability of empty leg flights available. As long as you’re not particular about the type of aircraft you need, you can consult with us to book your private jet charter. Let us know your destination, and your point of origin. We’ll inform you about upcoming empty leg flights that may become available for your trip. If one suits you, and the date, time and destination match your criteria, we’ll let you know the total cost of the trip. You’ll be quite pleased with the amazing amount of value you’ll receive when flying an empty leg flight.

Cost Savings

A lot of travelers might be skeptical at first about why empty leg flights offer so much cost savings. What’s the catch? What’s being sacrificed? The truth is, private jet charter companies such as ours benefit from travelers chartering empty leg flights. And this results in us being able to pass on some of the cost savings as an incentive to you, while giving you the benefit of travelling at a reduced rate. There is nothing taken away from your experience of private jet charter in Houston. Instead, it’s a way for us to work out a mutually beneficial solution to having empty aircraft going from one destination to another. Think about it as a win-win situation. We get to fly an aircraft back to where it needs to be. And you get to fly at a lower rate because of it.

Empty Leg Flights for Getaways

One way to really enjoy the benefits of private jet charter is to use it for the occasional weekend getaway or adventurous excursion. Empty leg flights are a great way to save money on your leisurely trips while giving you the experience of a lifetime. Getting to fly on a private jet is an exhilarating and momentous experience. Booking an empty leg flight allows you to fly in style while saving a bit of money. Talk to us about how to book an empty leg flight for your next getaway adventure.

Light Jets vs. Heavy Jets

Perhaps one of the most alluring aspects of flying an empty leg flight is the opportunity of choosing between a light jet and a heavy jet. You can read more about our fleet of aircraft (link here), but generally a light jet is perfect for a small group or you as an individual traveller, while a heavy jet is for significantly larger groups such as corporate travel or large group excursions.

When booking an empty leg flight, you can choose between light jets and heavy jets, while seeing a considerable cost savings with both options. You don’t need to worry about being picky or particular, especially with the availability of aircraft to choose from.

Domestic Empty Leg Flights

Most of our empty leg flights are available for domestic travel to and from Houston to nearby destinations within the United States. You can literally go city or state hopping on empty leg flights depending on what your personal or group travel requirements are. If you have a planned domestic trip that happens to meet the criteria of one of our domestic empty leg flights, it will give you a considerable cost savings.

International Empty Leg Flights

Though more rare than domestic empty leg flights, you may have the opportunity of flying across the border into Canada or Mexico, and even some longer range international destinations, depending on the availability of international empty leg flights. This might be an exciting way to plan an adventurous excursion and could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your friends and family. Consult with us first to see if you can plan an international empty leg flight on one of our private jet charters in Houston.