Aircraft Fleet

Fleet Of Private Jets

Private Jet Charter Houston offers an extensive selection of aircraft ready for you to choose from no matter what type of travel you plan. Whether for business or for pleasure, our versatile fleet will allow you to fly in the type of private jet that meets your needs. We have a fleet of aircraft from leading edge manufacturers such as Gulfstream, Learjet and Bombardier among many other leading aircraft brands.

Our fleet is designed with your needs in mind. Let us know what your requirements are and our professional and experienced team will prepare a selection for you to choose from. The aircraft we provide will help you meet your air travel needs.

Choosing An Aircraft

It might seem overwhelming, but choosing the right aircraft for your private charter requirement is easier than you think. Start with the destination you plan to go to. What aircraft can be accommodated by that certain airport? How many passengers do you have flying with you? What are the specific requirements you have as far as technology is concerned? You can work with our experienced staff to help you choose the right aircraft from our extensive fleet of airplanes and our affiliate network of aircraft owners.

Flight Costs

Refueling a private jet

After you’ve selected the aircrafts that might be suitable for your trip, you should weigh the cost of the flights. Part of the costs include the usual aviation fees, but also pilot and staff fees, fuel and other service charges. The range of your flight will also affect the flight costs, and different types of aircraft will incur certain charges. It is advisable to compare the costs amongst several aircraft that suit your needs before making a final decision on which one you will book.

Light Jets & Propeller Aircraft

For small groups and short to medium range chartered flights, our light jets and propeller engine aircraft. If you’re travelling alone, or with a group of four to eight passengers, we have a selection of smaller aircraft that are perfectly suited and versatile for your chartered flight requirements. If you’re looking for a quick trip from one point to another, and if you’re travelling with just a few passengers, choose one of our light jets or propeller aircraft as a cost effective means of chartering you own private jet flight.

Heavy Jets

For larger groups, our collection of heavy jets are more suitable. They accommodate more passengers and have space for more luggage as well. Our fleet of heavy jets are equipped with modern conveniences ensuring access to communication, wifi, internet and anything else your heart might desire. Heavy jets are perfect for business related trips or for large groups of family or friends planning a joint vacation. Our extensive selection of heavy jets are modern and advanced will a full feature set to help you accomplish more while you travel. Some of our jets are even equipped with internet and wifi so your productivity or personal entertainment doesn’t stop while you’re in the air.

Business Jet

Business Executive Jets

If your private jet charter requirement from Houston is of a business nature, we have a line of business and executive jets that will suit your business travel needs. Whether you’re travelling with just a small group of your key executives, to a larger group of personnel and entourage, we can help you choose the right business jet for your business charter flight.

Private Jet Manufacturers


As an American owned company, Gulfstream has been producing aircraft since 1958. With a longstanding legacy of building reliable and advanced business jets, Gulfstream has introduced highly popular aircraft models used by well known business people and celebrities worldwide. Jets such as the Gulfstream V, the smaller G150 all the way up to their large G650


Bombardier is a Canadian based transportation manufacturing company known for its line of business jets. Founded in 1942, it has grown to a worldwide leader in transport and aerospace in particular. Its line of aircraft range from smaller jets to large commercial airliners. They are on the leading edge of technology and offer great reliability.


Known for its sophisticated styling, elegant features, leading edge technology and unparalleled performance, Learjet has been a leader in crafting business aircraft and private jets. Known for its reliability and over fifty years of achievement, style and performance, Learjet continues to raise the bar with every business jet they build. Owned by Bombardier, Learjet benefits from advanced engineering, industry insight and efficient business practices. Well known celebrities, business moguls and influential icons alike have boarded and flown in one of Learjet’s business jets.

Beechcraft King Air

Beechcraft King Air

The Beechcraft King Air is a family of twin-turboprop aircraft and offers different models. It is a highly efficient aircraft with a reliable range of travel and includes the Model 90 and Model 100 series. The 350 series aircraft is perfect for small groups having a capacity of 9 passengers and a range of 1200 nautical miles. If you’re looking for wifi, however, you’ll need to select one of the business jets we have on our fleet as this one doesn’t have it available.

Dassault Falcon

With a range of 5,950 nautical miles, the Dassault Falcon 7X is a high performance high capacity business jet. It is one of the world’s most technologically advanced business jets with a luxuriously well appointed cabin area that resonates with luxury, sophistication and style. High flying business executives and casual jet setters alike can appreciate what the Falcon 7X has to offer.


Cessna isn’t known just for its small propeller aircraft. Our fleet features the Cessna Citation business jet for demanding business and luxury travelers alike. The CJ4 model has a range of 2,165 nautical miles and can comfortably seat up to 10 passengers. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, with well appointed finishes that are sleek and modern.

What’s Your Jet?

This is just a short selection of the many business jets we have available for your private jet charter requirements. When you consult with us about your flight requirements, we’ll help you choose the most appropriate jet for your needs. Rest assured, no matter what private jet you choose to fly in, you’ll benefit from our world class service offerings, careful attention to every detail of your flight, complete safety and security, and an experience you’ll never forget.